“Catch Me If You Can”

  • 50 Calorie Assault Bike
  • 40 Synchronized Wallballs
  • 30 Calorie Assault Bike
  • 20 Synchronized Wallballs
  • 10 Rope Climbs
  • Max Calorie Assault Bike (with remaining time)

Working in Male/Female pairs, athletes will complete this workout in a “follow the leader” format. Pairs MAY NOT PASS one another. 

If the second Male/Female pair completes 10 rope climbs under the 12:00 time cap, all 4 teammates will return to the assault bike to accumulate as many calories as possible in the remaining time.

Athletes will still perform Rope Climbs, but to a lower target.

Total Reps

“You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide”

  • Athlete 1: 250m TrueForm Run + 35 Pull-Ups
  • Athlete 2: 250m TrueForm Run + 25 Chest-to-Bar
  • Athlete 3: 250m TrueForm Run + 15 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • Athlete 4: 250m TrueForm Run + 10 Ring Muscle-Ups
  • Max Distance on TrueForm Runner with remaining time

Athletes can pick Male or Female to perform any portion of the workout.

If the last athlete finishes their 10 Ring Muscle-Ups before the 8 minute cap, the entire team returns back to the TrueForm Runner to perform max distance with the remaining time. The athletes can switch off the runner at any time during this last phase to maximize performance output.

Scaled Movements:
Will be same rep scheme, but Ring Rows, Hanging Knee Raises, Pull-Ups, and Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups.

Total Reps (each meter = 1 rep, including final phase)

“The Bar Exam”

12-9-6-3 reps of:

  • Synchronized Power Snatches
  • Synchronized Overhead Squats
With Remaining Time:
  • Max Squat Snatches



Total Rep

“Run Forest, Run!”

Minute 1

  • M1/F1 – Max Synchro Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
  • M2/F2 – Max Distance on TrueForm Runner

Minute 2

  • M1/F1 – Max Distance on TrueForm Runner
  • M2/F2 – Max Synchro Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Athletes are working in M/F pairs and will swap movements after the first minute is completed.

Synchro BBJO will occur when both athlete’s chest is at the bottom of the burpee, touching the ground. They do not have to be at the top of the box at same time.

Will be entered as 2 individual “events”:

  • Floater A = Total meters ran on both TrueForms across all athletes, added together.
  • Floater B = Total Synchro BBJO performed by all athletes.