What is the format?
The Belmar Beatdown is a team competition, comprised of 2 Males and 2 Females.

Is there a qualifier?
Nope – there is no qualifier for the Belmar Beatdown! If you register, you are guaranteed 3 workouts and a floater!

Is there a cash prize?
You bet! In 2019, we gave away $3,500 for the RX division, $1,000 for the Masters division, and tons more for everyone in other prizes.

How old do you need to be to compete?
Athletes need to be 18 years old or older. If you are under this age and have parent/guardian consent, please email info@belmarbeatdown.com for more info.

What age is the Master’s Division?
Starting in 2020, the Masters’s Division starts at 35 years old.

How many days is the competition?
The Belmar Beatdown is a 1 day event (typically on a Saturday) that prides itself with running on a tight schedule.

What is the parking situation?
Belmar has plenty of public parking, especially on the streets immediately surrounding Dempsey Park. The parking lot adjacent to the venue is reserved for staff, volunteers, and vendors only. Please do not park here or you will be at risk of getting towed!

Are there places to stay in the area if we want to come down for the weekend?
Absolutely! Belmar is a thriving beach town with plenty of hotels, motels, and AirBnB locations to fit your needs.

Will you issue refunds if we can no longer compete?
We do not offer refunds, but will work with your team to help swap a teammate out or even transfer the entire registration to a new team.

Can we bring tents, chairs, coolers, etc?
Yes – we actually hope you do! Our Tent City is part of what makes the Belmar Beatdown special and unique. 

Is alcohol permitted on the premises?
No alcohol, beer, or wine is permitted. Please do not try to sneak this – the cops and town are aware and will have no problem citing anyone violating this.

Is there a warm-up area?
Yes, there is a dedicated area setup with a rig, weights, bars, dumbbells, and any other equipment that will be featured on the floor.

Is there a medical tent present?
Yes, there is a tent and trained medical staff available in the unfortunate event someone falls ill or gets injured.

Who should we contact for vendor or sponsorship inquiries?
All questions can be sent to michael@belmarbeatdown.com